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KOKO WINGS brings Seoul Food to your New York Nights: impossibly good chicken with overflowing vibes.

We create the unicorn of fried chicken. Thought to be a myth, seemingly too good to be true, KoKo chicken has reached Fried Perfection. Our chicken is double fried to be crispy yet bursting with juices. Hand-battered to be heavy with flavor but light on the oil. Each piece is magical, hand cut for a perfect balance of tasty goodness.


And the sauce. We got THE sauce.  Our sauces are made with the most top shelf ingredients and meticulously crafted and adjusted recipes. Then we lovingly hand-brush these creations onto each piece for a complex yet balanced explosion of flavor.


It’s chicken you’ll love and never feel guilty about. Unless, you feel guilty about keeping all this goodness to yourself and not telling your friends. Not to worry, we have the charming space and the boozy fun for you and all your friends. What are you waiting for? Go go to KoKo!

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Dive in to Seafood Goodness

Only at KoKo Wings East Village! 

Introducing the Cajun Style Seafood for its rich and spicy notes and intense heartiness. Fresh and expertly prepared by KoKo Wings that makes the best combination to taste with our fried chicken.

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Crispy, Crunchy Chicken made with our Original Korean Recipe
Happy Hours & Events

Relax, unwind, get away from work. It’s always Happy Hour at KoKo. Fresh draft beers, delicious boozy tea, soju & cocktails, drinks that literally glow and of course, perfect chicken. Step out to the KoKo Backyard and feast your eyes on games and event nights. Turn-up Tuesdays, Singles Night, Game Night: each hour of the night will be a memory. Bring the squad to the happy happenings KoKo and you’ll have to beg them to go back home. 

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